We are a leading manufacturer of high-volume wide range polystyrene packaging products catered for food service industry. Our modern integrated production facility is located at Idu Industrial Area 1 in the FCT, Abuja. Our production includes sheet extrusion, thermoforming, injection, printing, and forming. These facilities ensure our ability to deliver and surpass our customer’s expectations in terms of speed, quality, service and price.

Why Polystyrene?

Polystyrene (PS) is the plastic of choice for thermoforming due to its strength, malleability and low cost.

Modern polystyrene packaging has long been a preferred material of the foodservice industry because it insulates better, keeps food fresher longer, costs less than alternative coated paperboard products and uses less resources. With today’s growing concerns about the environment and climate change, polystyrene packaging solutions are becoming more recognized as environmentally preferable for a host of reasons including their lightweight properties. Polystyrene packaging makes sense for business, consumers, and our planet.


Environmentally Friendly

All packaging leaves an environmental footprint regardless of material type. It takes energy and raw materials to produce, transport, and recover or dispose of all materials. So, it is important to measure all of these impacts throughout the entire lifecycle of the product. Polystyrene foodservice packaging uses less energy and resources to manufacture than comparable paper or coated paperboard products.


We aim to lead the food service industry in increasing operational excellence and value by providing wide range of polystyrene products such as disposable plates, takeaway packs, trays and egg crates.


To be recognized as the continental brand in the food packaging industry.