Best food packing solutions


At Dantata Smart Pack, we offer packaging solutions to all our customers in the food service industry. We specialize in bulk production different varieties of polystyrene takeaway packs, plates, trays and egg crates. All our polystyrene products are compostable and offer protection during transportation and storage.

We also produce paper egg crates that are durable and biodegradable under natural conditions.

Our products serve a large customer base which includes, but not limited to,

  • Food chains, bakeries & restaurants
  • Airline catering service
  • Theatres & cinemas
  • Supermarkets, traders & wholesalers
  • Poultry

Safe, Affordable & Environmentally Friendly

With Dantata Smart Pack products, hot food stays hot. Cold food stays cold. Fresh food stays fresh. From organic salads to spicy jollof rice, our packaging offers more convenience and dining enjoyment for people on the go